Apricot, Apple, Pear and Walnut have been under cultivation in Ladakh region since long. In recent years other fruit like Cherry ,Plum, Peach and Almond has also been introduced and successfully grown in warmer belts of the region. The region has received its value of return bounty in the from of Apricot which is the only trade other than Pashmina from Ladakh to the rest of the Country. Apricot constitutes 90% both in area as will production. Fruit trees in Kargil district is grown over an estimated area of 1980.66 Hectares. The annual estimated fruits production is 6860.31 MT of fresh fruit and 13.31 MT of dry fruits with an annual estimated value of Rs.1841.04 lacs. Around 3500 Houses hold are engaged in the cultivation of fruit crops in 70 villages out of total 129 Villages in the district.


S.No Name Of Fruit Plant Estimated Area(in Hec.) Estimated Production(in MT) Estimated Value(in Lacs)
1 Apricot 1466.81 5593.36 1677.00
2 Apple 464.78 1245.75 149.49
3 Pear 27.07 5.33 0.64
4 Peach 6.36 4.68 1.40
5 Plum 0.46 0.44 0.18
6 Grapes 4.16 4.47 2.86
7 Cherry 9.02 5.88 0.82
8 Strawberry 2.00 0.40 0.22
TOTAL FRESH FRUITS 1980.66 6860.31 1832.61
9 Almond 2.15 1.25 1.20
10 Walnut 14.64 12.06 7.23
TOTAL DRY FRUITS 16.79 13.31 8.43

On the basis of fruit production and potential area available for establishment of new orchards, the district has been divided in to three Horticulture Zones I,e Kargil, Batalik and Chiktan Zone , each headed by a Horticulture Dev. Officers Chiktan Zone comprises of Shakar - Chiktan and Shargole Block Batalik Zone comprises of north east part of Kargil block and Kargil Zone comprises of south west part of Kargil Drass subdivision , Taisuru, G.M.Pore blocks Tehsil HQ Sankoo and Zanskar Sub. Division for execution of various program and providing necessary guidance regarding various Horticulture practices to the farmers Service of Horticulture Tech. are available in every Zone. The Zones had established during the year 1997 and so far no additional zone and staff have been created. With the expansion of the Horticulture activities in every nook and corner of the district, the smooth functioning of field activities become very difficult with the existing inadequate staff.

Keeping in view the tough terrain and to have effective implementation of Horticulture /activities through length and breadth of the district, creation of additional Horticultural zone and sanction of staff becomes need of the hour. In this regard a proposal had already been submitted to the Govt. through Ladakh Autonomous Hill development Council Kargil during the year 2.


Under the scheme 10 plot of 2 kanal siz each have establised covering 10 beneficiaries of different Zone along with 250 Nos. of apricot plants and 34 plot of (2) kanal size and (1) Kanal size of orchards under TSP covering (35) beneficiaries along with 862 Nos, of apricot fruit plants.

The norms/method of establishment of orchards / has is provided with a subsidy up Rs.20000/= for each orchard establishment on minimum area of 2 kanal and above and a subsidy 10000/= for each orchards established on a minimum area of 1 kanal. This subsidy will be provided on walling / fencing and plantation of the proposed orchard after the work executed by the beneficiaries them selves as per their feasibility/convenience and as per the technical guidance of the Horticulture department.


For providing quality fruit plants, there are two main Fruit Plants Nursery-Cum-Orchards of the department at Khurbathang in Kargil Zone and Gargarthang in Batalik Zone. Three small Nurseries are also functioning at Chanigound, Thasgam, and Chiktan to make available fruit plants in different locations.


Under the scheme the department manages distribution of KMS, Citric, acid, Osmotic dehydration equipment units, Pre fabricated apricot Solar driers and. Besides, necessary trainings for osmotic dehydration and sulphiting of apricot before sun drying are also imparted to the apricot growers.

  • An outlay of Rs.2.00 lacs has been earmarked for purchase of Osmotic Dehydration Equipment for supply the Apricot grower of Kargil district @ 50% sub. during the year 2014-15.The main objective of the scheme to preserve the natural colour and taste of apricot Halman by sulphiting and Osmotic dehydration so that the growers earn handsome rates of the Dry Apricot. An amount of Rs.4.00 lacs has been proposed to purchase the equipment during the year 2015-16.
  • The preservative materials are used to preserve the colour and taste of the Halman and Khanty as well the preservative materials is supplied the orchardist at 50% sub to a void fungus and other climatic damages out side in the district. An outlay of Rs.4.00 lacs has been earmarked to purchase the preservative material during the year 2014-15.An amount of Rs.4.00 lacs has been proposed for the year 2015-16.
  • In Kargil District there are several villages which are facing sever drought situation and the fruit plants effecting badly to avoid such situation this department is supplying Irrigation pump to the effected areas at 50% sub. and an outlay of Rs. 4.00 lacs earmarked during 2014-15 and proposed Rs.3.00 lacs for the year 2015-16.
  • To avoid from dust and rain the treated and un treated and Khanty apricot fruits during post harvesting this department is supplying Tapeline synthetic (Sulpanlin) to the orchardist at 50% sub. to protect the fruit an outlay of Rs. 2.00 lacs earmarked during the year 2014-15 and an amount Rs.2.00 lacs has been proposed for the said purpose during the year 2015-16.
  • To purchase of shell Breaker /Power Sprayer and supply to the farmers at 75% sub. For the extraction of apricot oil scientifically and spray pesticides against pest and disease on the fruit trees with out wasting time the department has earmarked an amount of Rs.3.00 lacs during 2014-15 and proposed 3.00 lacs for the year 2015-16.
  • For training / pruning of the fruit trees to produce quality fruits the department is providing Horticulture tool kits to the fruit growers at 75% sub. An outlay of Rs.3.00 lacs earmarked during 2014-15 and proposed an amount of Rs.3.00 lacs for the year 2015-16.