The main objective of the department of agriculture is to increase both productivity and production of various crops grown in the District. To accomplish this task it is imperative to transfer the latest technology from Lab to farmers field for adoption at their level. Land being a limiting factor in Kargil District the department has to lay thrust on intensive cultivation which is to be carried by popularizing cultivation of improved high yielding variety seeds both open pollinated and hybrids/use of balanced doze of fertilizers. Better pest management, use of improved Agriculture Machinery/ tools and implements and other improved Agriculture practices..

Administrative Setup :

The district has been divided into two Sub-Divisions viz. Kargil and Zanskar. Kargil Sub Division has seven Agriculture Zones and Zanskar Sub Division has one zone. Each Agriculture Zone is divided into circles. Each Sub Division is headed by one Sub Divisional Agriculture Officer who is technically supported by 2 SMS and each zone is manned by one Zonal Agriculture Officer each circles manned by one Junior Agriculture Assistant. At District level the extension agency is headed by District Agriculture Officer Extension who functions under over all control of Chief Agriculture Officer. The Extension agency is involved in disseminating latest technical know how from Lab. to land and other field extension activities. There are 12 Zonal Stores/ Sale Centres including one District Store at Baroo. One storekeeper who functions under the supervisor of Zonal Agriculture Officer mans each store. Various inputs like seed / pesticides / implements are provided to farmers through Zonal Stores under supervisor of Agriculture Assistant inputs at Sub Division level.

Agriculture Farms :

The department has fourteen S.M. Farms/ Vegetable Farms. Each Farm is manned by one farm supervisor who functions under supervision of Zonal Agriculture Officer. S. Farm Khurbathang I manned by Officer Incharge Khurbathang ans Zanskar farms dare under Sub Division Agriculture Officer, Zabskar who functions under over all control of chief Agriculture Officer. At the District level input agency and farm activities are headed by District Agriculture Officer inputs who functions under the over all control of Chief Agriculture Officer. Chief Agriculture Officer is also supported by the experts i.e. Subject Matter Specialist who provide technical assistance from time to time.

Soil Testing Laboratory :

The Soil Testing Laboratory is also functioning in the District where soil samples are analyzed for NPK status and results are communicated to the farmers. The laboratory headed by one specialist in soils i.e. Assistant Soil Chemist who is supported by one Research Assistant and Laboratory attendants.

Zonal Stores / Sale Centres :

S.No Name Of Zone Name of Seed Center
1 Panikhar/Taisuru Zonal Store, Panikhar
2 Sankoo Zonal Store, Sankoo
Sale Center, Trespone
3 Kargil-A District Store, Baroo
Zonal Store , Baroo
District Store, Trespone
4 Kargil-B Sale Center, Akchamal
Sale Center, Yourbaltak
Sale Center, Batalik
5 Drass Zonal Store, Drass
Sale Center, Kharbu
6 Shargole Zonal Store, Shargole
Sale Center, Bodhkharboo
7 Chiktan Zonal Store, Chiktan
8 Zanskar Sub Divisonal Store, Zanskar